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green is the new pink

alright, alright...so i guess this weekend wasnt too bad, its not FULLY over yet..but practically. i was thinking about grid and how mike probably cant come. unless some unbelievable miracle happens, which i doubt, but hey! it could happen...anywho. i was thinking and its not the end of the world if he cant come. i mean, although my feelings for him lately have been stronger than they ever were, i dont think theyll fade for a while. something about him, hes different. i dont even know. i mean, i havent seen him sinse the taking back sunday show, but everytime i do get to see him, itll be that much better...this sounds like sewwper silly, but i mean, if we end up going out before camp next year, then, camp wont be as fun. camp=about 9 days of seeing him every single day. i know, 9 days..big woop. its hardly anything. of course i know that...but its not like camp is the only time i see him. duude, i dont even know what the fuck im talking about...none of that makes any sense now that i read it. all i can say is that im not really worrying about anything because i know that itll traumatize me, and then ill be all weird...and who knows what else. im just gonna be patient and take it as it comes at me. things may go wrong, but there is a slight chance that things may take a right turn, and go down the path of victory! haha...wow. im weird. but yeah...im just gonna leave everything as is and deal with it. its not the end of the world, ill be perfectly fine...i hope, atleast. im sure it will. i have nothing to worry about. anywayyyy!

mike had ANOTHER show last night, i hope that went well...he says it did, so hey. im gonna take his word for it. im starting to get into local bands again, another phase...w0ot. but i wont be AS obsessed as i was in 7th grade..haha. i definately DO need to go to wayyy more shows though. ugh. i hate being 14. its like the worst age. its not the beginning of teenage life, youre not old enough to take drivers ed, and its the age when your parents just decide to start raggin on you about everything.  although, i have to say, highschool is good. i love it. but whateverr. ay, well its time to practice me trombone. so long, me lads.

arharharharharhar, oh yeahh! if anyone knows of good picture sites...like..where you can keep your pictures and put them on livejournal for instance..if so..leave a comment!

xoxo Aya aka. BOSTON! yeyahhh

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