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sophisticated fun..

alrightt..so yesterday was the homecoming game. Aragon vs. Hillsdale..and i was totally right. we kicked hillsdale off the wall. wow. what was the score you say? 50 - 19! biiiatch. the game wasnt very exciting..i mean, all it was.."touch down aragon, yet another touchdown aragon...*fight song* *flinstones* *smoke on the water* *jaws* oh and uh..touch down aragon" thats it. thru the whole..2 1/2 hours. hannah and i went to the hillsdale side, i was gonna make fun of their band, because they really sucked..but then i didnt wanna be mean, so i didnt say anything. allies boyfriend, robbie, was there. i wish allie was there. that would have been the best. =D i love her. matongi hurt his knee half way thru the game, so he sat out the second half. sucks..half time show was awwesome. our mascot, the Don, was there. he did this dance to some crazy song. it was so funny. =D yeyyah. well, thats about all that happened. i went home, watched tv, came online, ate, talked to garet on the phone..thats about it. im a loser..lol. oh yeah! my friend Sandy from music and fine arts camp was at the game! that was funn. and i found out that clarence, this senior in band, was in PS! cwwazy! anywho..today im going shopping and getting my hair cut. its not gonna be much shorter..cuz i look terrible with short hair.but yeah. anywho..i shall go and shower now!

much love,

xoxo Aya

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