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genevieve likes my face

hey kids,
im in a verrry good mood today! good days have been here for me for a couple days now. hehe. i like, i like. alriight..so of course, school..::eh em:: class is boring. schooool is fun. i was just thinking, middle school sucked compared to high school. anywhoo. i just tried typing a whole conversation that me and my friend, veronica, had..but it erased..so nevermind. so if i talk to you on a regular basis...you probably know that theres a new guy in my life. not my boyfriend, yet. but i like him, and he likes me. weve been talking a lot, which is good, i wanna get to know him. really well. his name is Nathan, hes sewwper cute. =D. hes a baseball player..and he was recently in Aragon Highs production of Kiss Me Kate. so he can sing and dance. and he likes doing it! hes already perfect. hes actally not white, and he likes hip hop and rap. which is cool, cuz im open to hip hop and rap..more hip hop, but you know. hes really nice, and gives really good hugs. hehe. i looove it. well, lets see. everyone thought it was my birthday today because Gen let me wear her crown thingy..it was funny! my whole geometry class sang happy birthday to me! =D yay. it was sewwper fun times. umm, lets see..in PE today i was sprinting during speedball, and i think i pulled a muscle, it hurt sooo bad! but its gone now, so i dont really care..i like aragon, its fun. im joining jazz band soon! i totally mastered Blues in Bflat on trombone!. yeyyah! it sounds so cool. it seems like a really east piece if you just say "blues in B flat" but its mos def, NOT!. its sewwper hard, but so much fun i dont realy care how hard it is...=D well, i have to head off to jasmines house..the Loches are gonna be taking care of my bunny, Fifi, when my family is up in Tahoe for Thanksgiving!! i havent seen/talked to jazz in a long time! im excited. anywho, gotta go, much love! ill try to update when im in tahoe! theres a public computer and everything, so yeah. well, take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving guys!

much love, Aya

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