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happy new year guys! i know its a little late..but hey!
well, i finished painting my room yesterday..it looks so pimp. wow. and i sorta rearranged some things. i have a crap load of room now..and my mom said i can get a bean bag chair!! woot. i love those things. anywhoo...i missed school today cuz i have a really bad sore throat..and i think the 135 crunches ms, genaro made me do yesterday have a little something to do with it..but oh well. my neck hurts sooo bad. it sucks. and now it sucks even more that i missed school because all this week we're prepping for finals that are next week! im scared!!! i hate tests with a passion. i hope ill be okae. i got pictures from my homecoming a couple days ago..i know..HELLLLLA late. but ohh well. ill put those up later on too. umm...nothing is really going on right now in my life. its boring, as usual. i miss someone..everyone knows who that is though..and if you dont..then oh well. lol. so..on new years i went to a partay. and had some fun times. how was your new years? in like 3 weeks Mikes band is coming to foster city to play a show at the vibe!! everyone should come!! its gonna be off the wall. especially because i get to see Mikeee. lol. anywho..i guess thats all i have to say..mucho love kids

xoxo Aya

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