outofmyleague (outofmyleague) wrote,


This is a poem type deal that I wrote for someone.  I invited him to homecoming. He’s most likely (hopefully!!) going to be able to make it. But he’s seemed distant for quite some time now...  I plan on showing him how I really feel when I see him.  Some of you know who he is. Some don’t. That’s okae..

Well, here it goes.


I’m sorry for not keeping your hand in mine that night

I’m sorry for not letting you know how I really feel

Its all over now and I’m sorry for wanting you, wanting you to want me..


I’m sorry for living a lie that night

I’m sorry for telling you the truth

I’ll tell you what I’m not sorry for.

I’m not sorry for loving you


There are times when all I can think about is holding your hand

Having it be real

No secrets

No defaults

No lies

Nothing exists - only you and I.

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