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hmm, okae..so my computer wont let me do rich text...oh well! today was just a day, much better than yesterday i must say. i was depressed, but not at the same time. it was cwazy! but i DID see lightning yesterday which was soo cool. hmmm..so today i woke up to suburban legends! yay. umm..i layed in bed for about half hour..got OUT of bed at 7..took a shower..lalala..i end up in band. yay! today i played trombone, one of my loves. yay. had fun playing trombone, as always..my lips feel good..haha, not numb! i didnt see my secret admirer today. but thats okae i guess. in PE we had a really easy run, which is always good..in english..OMG! i feel like im in the dumbest class ever! we had to do this context and commentary thing for a quote in the book we're reading and i was the only fuckin one who did it! oh my fuckin god. wow. i was getting so frustrated! but after all it turned out fine..umm..in bio we took notes..pretty much it. i love sitting next to carlos and jerome. its fun, although i TOTALLY miss sitting next to scratchy and matongi! *this is a cowda* fun times..
at lunch..lets see..Alex was trying to get rid of a bunch of candy..lol..umm..other Alex was talking about fucking carlos in the ass all lunch..HAHA! of course he was kidding..Alex has EMO hair! its so cute..lol! ritter is reminding me of the marcofconan! haha..camp times! w0ot. its when he slaps someone on the back and his hand print shows up, but its no ordinary hand print..ritter only has 4 1/2 fingers on right hand! haha..the ear thing. ohhh man! good times. yup yup, i bet you can imagine! mwaahahahaha. nerf nuts! fire hack! "lets light shit on fire! woot" haha. i loooove it. i miss camp. everyday someone reminds me of camp, without realizing it. camp is in my head everyday. every time i look at my flute, or really any instrument...automatically...BAND CAMP! especially when like..i notice the little things..like..when someone has a ukulele, or a hat like skittles', or when i see my grouch hat, or a hacky sack, when i hear a peice that symph band played..or one of the songs we sang in chorus..when i see shawn! which i havent visited yet..but i shall. when i listen to KCSM i think of Dexter..when i look at my wings i think of Rosie, when i think of PS i think of Allie and Drew AKA mr penguin..and my trombone teacher knows Anna-belle! how awesome is that?! so many things. wow. i love camp
okae, enough mourning about not being at camp...lets see... Dom was at school yesterday..well he was there after school. but not like i can think about him...i have one already thats always on my mind..! hehe. okkiie. thats enough! i hope you all had an awesome halloween! i know i did! it was sooo much fun! wow. i danced, i went trick or treating, hung out..thats only the simple version..have a nice day!
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