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I wrote this over a 2 days period, so if you get confused..that’s probably why.

hey guys! its sunday night and im not a wink tired! goooo me. hehe. winter break is finally here and it has been fantastic so far. lol. i really hope it stays that way!! so lets see..im sorry i havent updated in a while..so to catch up on my school stuff..um, lets see...at the last jazz festival(that I couldn’t go to..), Aragon Jazz Band placed 4th in the intermediate division, and *shock* Aragon Jazz Ensemble didnt even place!!!!!!!!!! ahh. i couldnt believe it either..lol. anywho...umm, david is once again scaring me just a smidge. He talks to my friends that i dont really hang out with outside of class and tells them that he really likes me and crap like that..umm, i think hes going just a little over board. last friday (the last day of school) was sooo much fun! i came to school with my santa hat and a smile on, along with a bag of presents and candy canes. it was soo much fun!! during 4th period the leadership kids were giving the candy grams to whoever got sent one..and i got one from carlos! i felt so special, i love him, hes such a sweetie. everyone was in such a great mood on friday, hehe. there is a reason for that though..CHRISTMAS IS HERE!! hehe. now lets see..friday at 4, i went to PS practice and then a show..and Sheraj, Adam and I started a tickle war! hehe..gotta love it. after that show, i went home and was lazy. on Saturday we had another PS show at 2 and that was fun, i suppose..it was the same as every other show..so yeah. our holiday shows are getting old..argh. the same songs and dances everytime..it sucks..but oh well. i love christmas time so its okae. =D. Saturday evening..i was totally stressing because i thought i was gonna miss the show! ahh. THEEEE show. The matches, the plain white t's, all heroes die, and one other band, that i totally missed because the bitch at the door wouldnt let me in..she was so mean! arghh. but then her husband, the other ticket person, was like "i'll get you in, dont worry"so that was like..super good. he was really nice. so when i walked in, All Heroes Die was getting ready and they played a pretty awesome set. i really liked them. ohh yeah! i totally forgot about The Littlest Man Band, (the guys from Reel Big Fish), they put on a pretty nice show, it wasnt the ska i was expecting, but thats A-okae.  but yeah..anywho, after them, was the Plain white t's!! they wereee WOWOWOWOWOW! Yess. They played ‘please don’t do this’!! yayayayayayayayayay. Anywho…after the plain white fucking t’s, THE MATCHESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS went on! Holy shit guys. They put on such a kick ass show. Wow. The only thing I didn’t like was that they didn’t play Eryn Smith..but they DID play ‘track 11 scratched out’. And ‘destination: nowhere near’, and ‘JACK SLAP CHEEEEEEEEEEER’ tite stuff kids. If you don’t listen to the matches, you better. That’s all I have to say. Umm, lets see..it was really really hot inside and mike was wearing his jacket! Hes crazy..he looked like he was gonna faint, and we didn’t have any water..i got sorta scared, but he was okae..so that turned out good. Right after their set ended jon and shawn were signing/taking pictures/saying hi to people. Lol..i got both of them to sign my pants! Gooooo me! I love Jons blonde half-afro. Its an afro, but like..when he sweats it just looks regular, but hes a cutie either way, so its all fine and dandy. Shawn is such a sexy beast. I love his hair. Oh man. Hehe..its cwaaazy! It was awesome. I miss going to shows so much, I seriously needed Saturday night..i let out so much anger and stress and how im a happy camper. Sunday: I woke up around 10 and had to get ready for the PS party, which, by the way, kicked ass. I love PS parties, theyre soo much nerdy fun. Haha, gotta love the tickle war. Its on, guys! Ill sneak up on you…and get you when you don’t expect it! Mwahahahahahahaaa. Well, that’s pretty much my whole day on Sunday..i came home and there was like 7 japanese people sitting in my dining room..i was like..uh, okae. My parents friends, I guess. Today(Monday): I woke up thinking of camp..as usual. I got it bad for camp. =D. but yeah..first I listened to the alarm tone on my phone that I used every morning at camp to wake up at 6:30, and then I looked at my camp picture..and saw our 2004 camp shirts..then decided to try and design a new one. I hope itll be good when I finish it..as of now it says : hayward- lahonda in the format that’s on the matches album cover of “E. Von Dahl killed the Locals” and then it will have a trombone, a trumpet, a bass, a flute, a sax and an oboe. It sounds like its gonna be dumb, but..no actually it probably will look dumb..lol, but im gonna try to make it a little better than it sounds.  Itll be cool..i mean I DO have like 7 months to finish it. ONLY 7 months!!! Ahh. Hehe. I cant wait. Hopefully mine and Annas little plan to go to the city with a hand full of camp kids will work out, sometime over break. Hehe. I cant believe that its already 2005..well..in like 11 days. But wowowowow. I remember on new years eve in 1999, I thought that right when the clock striked midnight everything was gonna change and there would be flying cars everywhere..lol..i was 9 years old..so be quiet. Lol. I love Christmas time. Its wonderful. Im listening to a cover of ‘it had to be you’  by Frank Sinatra. Hehe. Gotta love it. Well, tonight at 7, im seeing my buddy, Austin, and his little brother, Aaron, in a Christmas Show. Its gonna be good. I love Austin, hes soo cute! Hes a little 5th grader, blonde hair, blue eyes, hes so adorable. And his brother is like a mini him. Hehe. =D well that’s all for now..mucho love.
*we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Happy Hanakah, a Happy Kwanza and Feliz Navidad*
xoxo Aya
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