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first update in a while

well, lets see...i just got home from Tahoe last night..well i guess this morning. we got back around 1. and i went to bed at 4. it took us forever just to get from Tahoe to my dads house in El Dorado..(near sacramento). 8 hours. it was a crazy snow storm. yup yup. well..i hardly did anything in Tahoe. i was VERY terribly lazy. watched a lot of TV..jumped around like a monkey on my KING sized bed. =D. i listened to music..bought 3 new CDs. which are very awesome, by the way. i bought...MarkB, Dillinger 4, and a comp. called "short music for short people" its from Fat Wreck Chords and its like 101 bands playing 30 second songs. its awesome. um...my little buddy from PS that had to quit a while back was in the same resort as me..so that was coolio. the snow was so pretty. my mom and I went outside for a walk at like 1130 and it was snowing..so softly..and if you look up.it looked like stars were falling on you. it was awesome!! the ice skating ring was totally snowed in..and i went in it and ran around of spun. it was so much fun. i also went in the middle of the road and sat there for like 5 minutes. hehe. snow is so cool. i wrote "listen to the matches" in the snow..and these guys were looking at me weird. lol. its all good. so that vacation wasnt a total waste. it was actually fun. i was gonna go boarding, but i dont know why i didnt..well, my pants didnt fit me anymore. theyre like 2 years old..so i wouldnt really expect them to. but yeah..i did other stuff to keep me entertained. i drew a lot..and wrote a lot..and listened to Sublime, Senses Fail, and Saves The Day a lot..my brother got an iPod..so i was listening to it half the time..lol. yup yup. well lets see...so it took us 8 hours to get from Tahoe to my dads,  when we got to my dads..Brian, Ducky and Tony were in my living room...waiting for my brother i guess. it was cool. i havent seen them in a while. so yeah. so i got my bunnie..AKA my dog. lol. (hes actually a bunnie..but i call him my dog because i want a dog) and then i got my stuff...gave my baby (my sister) a kiss..and then left. it took us about 3 hours to get home. plus we stopped by Dennys in Vacaville cuz we hadent eaten sinse..like 1 that afternoon. so yeah...it was hella weird cause..where the bathrooms were there was a door that said "the hidden saloon" or something like that...i started laughing out loud...lol..haha. but like seriously...picture someone saying "lets go to the hidden saloon in Dennys!"..what the hell? gotta love it..anywho..when we were driving thru sac i saw mikes dads pool table store. "Parvizi Pool Tables" it was crazy!! i was like...WHOA!! thats mikes dads or families store!! awwesome. lol. i got excited. anywho... when we got home...i was so happy to see my room again. i missed it. and then we watched Dr. Dolittle..and the i halfway cleaned my room..and then went to bed. yup yuppp. anywho..i believe that is all so...i hope everyone had a merry christmas!!! and have a Happy New year!!!! wooooot.
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